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job interviewer: so…tell me a little about yourself :)
me: sure. i’m a virgo, INTJ, i love tank tops oh my god did you see the Anaconda video? that changed my life!
interviewer: bitch me too! the fuck. you got the job

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when someone repeats a joke you just said and they get the credit for it


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When my mom gives me the phone to talk to my relatives


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when you type your password in thinking its wrong but turns out to be correct


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i hate songs that are like 75% bad but the chorus is so good that you suffer through the whole song just to hear one part like three times

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we live in a world where pizza gets to your house before the police.

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the breakfast club isnt even about breakfast 

you could have at least said spoiler alert

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I reblog this every time it comes up on my dashboard, not because it is a “rule” but because every time I see it the love and sincerity on her face hit me all over again and I think everyone deserves to see that.

And THIS is why I adore Catherine Tate. She’s loud and brash but in quieter moments… her soul comes shining through and it makes everything about her so much more beautiful. 

oh shit I’ve never seen this before and I’m crying.

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is it weird i’m mad that 10 year olds are going to see monsters university and when finding dory comes out they will go see that too like you are not allowed that is our childhood not yours stop it!!!

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